Enjoy the Comforts of a Private Backyard

Enjoy the Comforts of a Private Backyard

Install custom privacy fencing around your property in Georgetown & Plano, TX

If you're looking to turn your backyard in the Georgetown & Plano, TX area into a private oasis, rely on the pros at Iron River Fencing for a privacy fence installation. After years of research, we've developed a unique privacy fencing system that provides lasting visual appeal and security.

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You'll love how thorough our process is

When you hire us to install your custom privacy fencing, we'll:

  • Construct a custom metal frame to suit your space.
  • Weld each piece to form a practically unbreakable bond.
  • Install the pickets with care for a seamless appearance.
  • Provide a 15-year warranty for your peace of mind.

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Fencing Builders and Repairs

Fencing Builders and Repairs

Iron River Fencing conducted extensive research with homeowners around the area to address concerns and complaints they had about their privacy fence, asking for recommendations and solutions that would make them happier as a homeowner dealing with these problems. The top items we found that people were dissatisfied with were:

• Fences tended to lean after just a few years
• Pickets pulling loose and falling off
• Pickets turning gray after a short period of time resulting in the fence giving an appearance of being aged, even when relatively new
• Gates sagging and work having to be done to correct the problem
• Gates not wide enough to get through with larger items

With this information, we set out to revolutionize privacy fencing. Through three years of research and development, Iron River Fencing has designed a privacy fence that stands straight and tall, pickets stay attached retaining their beautiful golden color for years and our over-sized gates allow for access to yards without sagging.

Iron River Fencing builds the entire frame from metal. We start off by removing the entire existing fence and restore the ground back to its original condition to give a nice clean canvas to begin installation. We drive the 2 3/8" schedule 40 metal posts 36"-48" in the ground. This method is stronger and creates a reduced chance of materials rotting as opposed to drilling and setting the posts in concrete. Without concrete the water does not pool around the base of the posts and does not create a rusting point. Iron River Fencing then welds 2"x4" Cee purlin metal rails to the posts. Nothing is attached with screws; everything is welded to create an unbreakable bond between all the materials. The ends of each rail are welded to the next rail in succession in order to create a framework with zero weak points, unlike traditional wood rails that meet up at each post and weaken over time. This allows our entire frame to work together to hold up against wind and other potentially damaging elements. We cap every post with a weld-on cap to avoid any water settling into the posts and creating further damage. Our gates are made entirely of metal and welded together completely. We build all of our gates on site at a minimum of 60" wide to allow for easy access of bigger items. J-bolts are used as the hinges to allow for simple adjustment in the rare case there is ever settling around the posts. Iron River Fencing bolts a wood rail inside the cee purlin metal rails to secure the entire structure using carriage bolts. This allows for easy installation of the golden stained pre-treated pickets. The pickets are attached with 4 screws in each board and we use anti-corrosive screws to eliminate any tear drop effect from rusting.

The pickets Iron River Fencing uses come with a full 7-year manufacturer warranty. We also warranty our entire metal framework and gates for fifteen years. No other fencing contractor is giving this type of warranty, simply because the materials they use will not hold up to the elements that long.

Although over time the wooden pickets will eventually need replacing (12-15 years), another benefit to our system is that the average homeowner can simply remove the old pickets one at a time and put new ones up, simply by unscrewing the ones to be replaced and screwing new ones in. This can be done with a significant saving in costs. The materials will cost about 1/5th of what a new fence would cost if it was built using traditional fencing materials from another company.

Iron River Fencing realizes most HOA's strive to have a uniform look in their neighborhoods to create that aesthetic flow. That is why we have developed our system with the materials we use. The look of our fences is quite like the traditional wooden privacy fence. However, we will provide a fence that will stand the test of time.