Don't Let a Damaged Gate Trap You in Your Yard

Don't Let a Damaged Gate Trap You in Your Yard

Get prompt gate repair services in the Georgetown & Plano, TX area

If a damaged gate is what people see when they visit your property, they'll be left with a poor first impression. Make sure your gate is inviting by hiring Iron River Fencing for gate repair services in Georgetown & Plano, TX.

We work on all types and styles of fence gates, from sliding and swinging to fully-motorized gates. Whether your gate has structural damage or is simply stuck, we'll identify the issue and get it fixed. Schedule gate repair services when you contact us today.

The benefits of a reliable gate

A gate installation can be stylish and attractive, but it also provides many functional benefits to your property. If you're still on the fence about getting a gate, consider that a sturdy gate enhances your property's:

  • Security - A well-installed gate can prevent intrusion, vandalism and theft.
  • Privacy - A tall or opaque gate can effectively shield your property from view.
Call 817-823-7658 to reach our Plano, TX office or (512) 931-9057 to reach our Georgetown, TX office to get a free estimate on a gate installation at your Georgetown & Plano, TX area property.